Bosco – A Finicky Eater (underweight boxer)

Bosco doesn’t eat well. Sometimes he eats his meals and sometimes he eats a few bites and leaves the whole thing. He’s always been like that. We thought maybe he didn’t like the puppy food so when we gave him the adult he ate all his meals then after a week he went back to what he used to do. 

The vet said he’s a little under weight and told us to feed him white bread but we didn’t think that would be good for him. Other people recommended mixing wet food in his kibble. We tried that and it worked for a little. Now he licks the wet food off the kibble and throws the food on the floor! He eats Canidae kibble and sometimes we make him boiled chicken. Not enough for him to expect it. I make him his treats too (he loves them!) he won’t even eat the treats at the vets. He spits them out! Have you ever come across something like this? 

-Kristen and Brian

Yes, we have experienced all of these things with our boxers over the years.

First off, always check with your veterinarian so they can evaluate whether this is a medical issue or a behavioral issue. We have experienced both. 

If it’s behavioral, I’m simply going to remind you that boxers are smart and this includes Bosco. If I were to offer you a piece of broccoli or a piece of chocolate , what would you choose?

Here are a few tips based on our experiences. 

  1. Find 2 different brand dog foods (try Dog Food Advisor ) and mix them. This serves 2 purposes … it will help if one of the foods are irritating his stomach and if a food is recalled you won’t have a problem transitioning/switching which can cause GI problems. 
  2. Try some very diluted chicken stock mixed with warm water. Then each day use less chicken stock and more water. Then once it’s all water, slowly reduce that.  
  3. Break the feedings into smaller portions and more feedings. For example if you usually feed in the AM and PM, feed 3 times a day. Either way stick to a schedule. 
  4. Put the food down, leave for a certain amount of time (30 minutes) and then remove it. 
  5. It could be possible that your boxer  is under stress (maybe from a move, schedule change, new people coming around or leaving  – they simply may feel too anxious to eat. Be mindful and keep track- yes, write down.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!!!