Dial-a-Distance Leash Review

The Dial-a-Distance Leash is a retractable leash. The one major difference from other retractable leashes is that it will automatically stop extending at the maximum length you choose (up to 15′). It also has the customary manual thumb brake.


So what did we think of this leash… it was great. I have a regular retractable leash that is loud, cumbersome to hold, and appeared to freak out my boxers when I had to use the manual thumb brake. So I was skeptical to try this leash because of my past experience. However, this leash (to my surprise) is quiet, it doesn’t create a strong pull, and didn’t freak out Daisy or Rosco when we walked them (both can be skittish sometimes when walked separately).


Below is a Facebook Live post so you can see it in action.