Missing Mocking Boxer Tails

One day when our boxer dog Rosco was about 8 months old, I let him out in our backyard. At the time it was already dark out, winter time, and snowing. There was probably about 8 inches of snow already on the ground and still falling.

Usually Rosco is out and right back in, especially when dark and snowing. So when he didn’t come back after a few minutes I called for him. He didn’t come. I thought it was weird so I went out to look for him.

So, my backyard is fairly large with a large in-ground pool right in the middle. At the time, we had the older cover with water bags on the outside (see pic below, this is not my pool but looks like what I am talking about).

Now it is dark, I am in my socks on the snow, and I am calling his name and he is no where. I start to panic and I see a dark spot in the middle of the pool that looked like a hole of water.

Now I am really panicking and call my husband who comes out. I briefly explain that I can’t find Rosco and point to the pool. He runs to our garage and turns on our flood lights (which are super bright and light most of the backyard).

We are both running back and forth and both end up on the pool’s edge and don’t see any footprints on the cover.

We then scan the yard, and against the fence on the far side of the yard is Rosco, one paw up in a strong boxer stance (see pic below- this is not Rosco but looks like him) standing absolutely still looking at us both.

I am sure he was mocking us and wondering what 2 crazy people were doing running around the backyard in socks in the falling snow.

Needless to say, we had a loop-lock cover installed the very next week and we laugh about this story now.

He always kept us on our toes and he still does. What has your boxer done that you laugh about now?