Boxers, Gratitude, & Faith!

Today’s a great day I’m so so grateful. Those of you who know us, know that Daisy (our white boxer) had to have part of her jaw removed because of cancer – that was 5 years ago.

Last week Rosco (in pic) had to have surgery to remove a growth in his mouth, waiting for the biopsy results since Wednesday was hard.

TODAY- I’m so happy to say the growth was benign and Rosco is healthy and recovering nicely.

The experience got me thinking that, sometimes we need to be reminded of our experiences to be grateful for all of it, the good and the bad. While I would not want to relive that time with Daisy again, it did show me how to be strong and I used that strength this week with Rosco.

Since Daisy, I’ve had the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with other families with dogs suffering from cancer – answered their questions, listened to their stories and cried for them.

Through it all, I am reminded of how to help others and that He reminds us how strong we really are which prepares us for other things.

What are you grateful for ?