Rover Saved Our Vacation

I am seriously not kidding when I say ROVER saved our vacation this week.

So, as you’ve seen by the most recent pics, we went snowboarding and brought the pups for the trip. Typically we get an airBnB that is pet friendly but this time we decided to stay at a Residence Inn (they allow dogs). So when we arrived we got settled, we decided to go out to grab a quick bite to eat, leaving our very well mannered boxers at the hotel.

About 20 minutes later we get a call from the hotel letting us know that they have received numerous complaints about a barking dog (oops). Now our boxers don’t really bark so we thought it was odd, until we arrived and from the elevator we heard our spoiled 9 year old boxer barking as if someone was going to kill him (ugh). How embarrassed and honestly to think we were going to leave them alone while we snowboarding for the next few days.

So we had to act, and act fast. This past summer I used for Daisy while we went upstate camping. So I sprung into action and looked for some local sitters and made some requests. Within the hour I had booked an overnight stay for them. Now this is taking a HUGE chance for us, we NEVER leave our babies with any one we don’t know but she got 50 – 5 star reviews!!!

Well ROVER and Kelly saved our trip. After we dropped them off, I received pictures 4-5 times a day with an update of how they were doing. We enjoyed snowboarding while they enjoyed a puppy play date! WIN -WIN !!

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