What is Prototheca – Belle’s Story!

boxer belle

boxer belle


Arlene writes …

I just found your site. We have 2 boxers Belle 4 1/2 and Bruno about 2 1/2 we don’t know because he was found wandering on a rural road.

I’m am writing you because you love boxers and we just received devastating news about Belle. She has been diagnosed with a very rare disease that is always fatal. It is caused by an algae found in the soil called . After reading vet articles online it seems this disease effects primarily female boxers. My vet had to contact specialists at the state veterinary school before we had a clue what was wrong with her. The lab just confirmed two days ago that it was protothecosis She was being treated for about eight weeks for chronic bloody diarrhea. Then 10 days ago she suddenly went blind. That is what tipped the ophthalmologist off to the possibility of prototheca. Unfortunately there is no cure. We are treating her with an antifungus medicine and trying to help her adapt to being blind. The doctors are unsure how long she will last only that it is always fatal. So we are keeping her safe and giving her lots of love and attention until we have to let her go. This disease will either attack her liver and kidneys or her brain next.

I’m writing this so you can warn boxer lovers that if they live in warm tropical climates or dense forests they need to not let their boxers play in standing water. I’m rambling on but I just want all people with female boxers to be careful. Just google prototheca in dogs and you can read the articles.

Thank you for sharing your story Arlene- much love and wiggles sent to Belle!