Making A Chemically Free Home For Your Boxers



Most people know that boxers are prone to cancer. Lately, it appears that people are too. There are so many toxic chemicals in the average home that when you are aware of it, it is scary.

Here’s simple test, take any product in your home – let’s say a cleaning product and look at the ingredients. Have you found it yet? Probably not, because most cleaning products don’t list the ingredients. If that is not an alarm, then I am not sure what is. Why? Why would they not list the ingredients?

Let’s try another, look at the ingredients in a dish soap or hand soap. Pick any one of those ingredients, maybe pick one that you can’t read. Now take that ingredient and look it up on (plug your detergent/make-up/personal care items in!) and what you will find is alarming. Ratings are from A-F (lowest is F!). Many dish soaps and dish detergents, even natural ones, have ingredients that are fillers and chemicals. These chemicals have been shown to be toxic to our bodies and when we wash with these chemicals they can seep into our skin.

So, do I have your attention now. Going back to the cleaning products you use on your floors, in your laundry, etc. -your boxers are being exposed to those too. Probably more so then you are. There olfactory system (sense of smell) is much more developed than ours. You wash your floors, your boxers are not only breathing it but also laying on your floors regularly.

No wonder they are getting cancer. Most of the ingredients are know carcinogens. They rate D and F on the site I mentioned earlier.

Now that you have that information, what do you do? YOU clean up and get rid of those products.

  1. Read the labels BEFORE you buy products and make better choices for both you and your boxers.
  2. What are you cleaning your floors with? Start by switching to vinegar and water or Young Living Thieves all purpose cleaner.
  3. What animal shampoo do you use bathe your boxers? Check the ingredients.

This list can go on and on, so start slow.

Did you realize it yet? When you start changing one product at a time – you are also making it safer for you and your family too!

Good luck and tell us what products you have changed to help you and your boxers?