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Tuesday 20th of June 2023

I can't stand dogs. Especially pit bulls. I got chased by 3 when my daughter was an infant and they lunged for her head. Thank God my mother was there and saw and had the door opened. It took both of us to slam the door closed on them. People should not have to live in fear because of dogs. Beaches are being closed down because dog feces makes them so unsanitary they become toxic! It's a sea of dog poop out there and anyone who thinks it's cute to pick it up is the one with something wrong with them.

John Smith

Sunday 4th of June 2023

Jean, thank you for your comments, it is reassuring to hear rationality, sanity and logic when it comes to dog worship, sadly traits that dog nutters evidently do not possess.

For me, what was a mild dislike for dogs has turned into hatred for them and their owners over the last few years, after being subjected to non stop barking noise pollution at all hours of the day. It has affected my quality of life, where I can no longer go outdoors and enjoy my private space without being invaded by the sound of dogs barking for nothing and everything. Their owners refuse to train them and the police / animal welfare are slow footed and do nothing. This is a common experience it seems.

Dog owners are immune to truth and facts, for example that their "fur baby" eats its own faeces, other animals faeces, vomit, diapers and condoms. A study done at Exeter University recently confirmed how dumb these animals really are, relative to other animals.

These evolutionary mutants don't deserve to be in society, if left to the wild, their incessant stupid barking would cause easy predation - is there any other animal that constantly howls for no reason ?.

Dog people as you rightly point out, think their dogs "love' them - when in fact Fido is just expressing excitement in anticipation of another opportunistic free meal. You are the gravy train, the food source, thats it - plain and simple, its not love. They think their dog is happy when it wags its tail - fact - dogs wag their tail to spread the scent of their anal glands and does so even under duress.

There are documented examples where dogs eat the faces of their owners when they die, in spite of dog food being readily available. It is a despicable species of animal, that is loud, needy, dumb and dirty and which doesn't belong in civilised society. All the shit, slobber and parasites they carry has infected the brains of dog lovers, where they can't think properly anymore. The psychosis they demonstrate is virtually identical to that of members of a cult, where reason and logic go to die.


Thursday 18th of May 2023

I don"t understand why you even bothered to write an article on this. You make it seem like the article was about respecting people's choice to not own pets and even dislike them. In reality it seems like you are shocked some people don't like dogs and so you are trying to explain why everyone should love them. Yet all you managed to do was mention reasons why no one should love them...barking, biting, eating their own young..

I have owned 2 dogs at one point before becoming very allergic. It was a nightmare. I still can not to this day, understand why anyone on this planet would want the hasstle of a dog. The only thing I can think of is because these people are lonely, they do not have nor want a real family of their own. Or they lack the skills to develop meaningful relationships with other human beings. But hey! Whatever floats your boat.

Although the dog nuttery deeply disgusts me, I don't care...that is until it affects me and mine. Which is does. Remeber that allergy I have, well one of my kids has it too. And dogs are EVERYWHERE..restaurants, grocery stores in the carts where we put FOOD WE EAT! Doctors offices and hospitals, places that need to be clean and sterile..allow dogs that can have leaky butts and penises! They are in clothing stores, airplanes, buses, trains, you realize I can no longer fly? Ruining my dreams of traveling to Europe because dog dander lingers in planes. None of these animal are needed, they are all ESA'S A.K.A. pets. People are now Linus (from Charlie Brown) and can't leave home without their animal. So now they make their pet everyone else's problem. Also it is rude to allow your dog to jump up on, lick, or smell strangers. Can you imagine a human walking up to a random stranger and doing this?! Unacceptable.

So yeah. That's some of the reasons why I hate dogs.


Thursday 18th of May 2023

“Sometimes dogs bite. Sometimes they eat their own babies. And sometimes, they love unconditionally. To me, they’re the full package, and I love them completely.”

Wtf why would you consider a species so amoral that it eats its own offspring to be your spiritual caretaker?! It doesn’t speak well of you at all. I just find all this way too disturbing and unhealthy.


Sunday 16th of April 2023

you're a idiot dogs are awful disgusting vile creatures

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